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About Machine

This robust conveyor is similar to the regular cooling conveyor, as it has three conveyor belts to provide perfect cooling to the sweets. The speed of the first belt which is narrowest is fast and the remaining two belts which are broad are slow. The first belt is coupled to drive of sweet former, so that it can maintain its speed with machine. The first belt carries the sweets released from the high speed forming machine. Sweets from the first belt are uniformly spread onto the second belt with the help of a sprinkler. To retain the shape and size of the sweets it is very important to spread them uniformly and this is taken care by the sprinkler. With the help of guiding steel plate, sweets are passed onto the third belt.

In this conveyor we have provided two input of air supply from blower. The cooling is provided by the air which is circulated through nozzles on the top for first belt. And for second & third belt side nozzles are provided for perfect cooling.

Conveyor Belt Specification
Conveyor Belt Width Length Cooling Dimension
1st Belt 11 cm 12.90 Meters 6.21 Meters
2nd Belt 65 cm 10.07 Meters 4.84 Meters
3rd Belt 105 cm 10.67 Meters 5.14 Meters

Technical Specification
Capacity MAX 5 Tons | Shift
Driver Power Consumption 1 HP
Blower Power Consumption 5 HP
Weight (approx) 1560 Kgs.
Dimension (L x W x H) (approx) 5250 x 1375 x 1900 (mm)

Max 5 Tons / Shifts

1560 kgs ( Approx )

Space Requirement
Length 5250 mm (approx)
Width 1375 mm (approx)
Height 1900 mm (approx)

Power Consumption
Driver 1 HP
Blower 5 HP
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