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Blade Grinding Machine

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About Machine

The High Speed Toffee machine is used to forming, cutting and wrapping in double twist wrap or fold wrap products such as, toffees, chewy sweets, chewing gum and bubble-gum products.

The High Speed Toffee Machine is equipped with a rope feeding unit to produce products in various shapes like round, square, rectangular shapes.

The application is very flexible due to quick changeover from double twist to fold wrap or vice versa as well as change of size parts, if required.

Special Features


  • Automatic temperature control of the sealing units
  • Additional cooling in case of fold wrap
  • Saving of wrapping material
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the twist gripper oscillation depending on the wrapping material
  • All electrical and electronic elements are integrated in the machine
  • Machine stop in case of accumulation of mass rope or wrapping material troubles


  • Easy operation
  • Excellent accessibility for operation and maintenance
  • Easy cleaning due to swayable rope feeding unit
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