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Blade Grinding Machine

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About Machine
This machine is used for packaging hard candies of round, oval or elongated in double twist wrap technique. The candies may be stamped or molded with or without center filling (pasty or firm center of up to about 15%).

The machine uses all commercial packaging materials, outer wrapper such as cellophane and P.V.C, inner wrapper such as waxed paper and paper foil.

The sugar boiled sweets are charged into the S.S Hopper from where they are released on to the rotary format by an automatically controlled vibrator. The paper flows from the paper feed station, cut to appropriate length & the sweet is lifted along with folded wrapper in to the twisting turret. The sweets are held in position by the rubber gripper and the twisting operation is performed mechanically by twisting fingers on both sides & then it is further collected from delivery chute.

Technical Specification
Capacity 300-325 Wrap / min
Motor Rating 1.1 KW / 1.5 HP 3 Phase 960 RPM AC Motor
Dimensions of Packing Outer 250 mm
Roll Size Width 70 to 100 mm Inside Core 40 To 80 mm
Weight (approx) 1200 Kgs.
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) (approx) 1500 x 1800 x 1600 mm
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