Manufacturer, Exporter of Confectionery Machinery including
                             Candy Plant, Toffee Plant from India.
Universal Cooker With Vacuum
2-Way Water Circulating Cooling Plate
Batch Roller
Rope Sizer
Tablet Forming Machine (Plast-O-Plast)
Cooling Conveyor
Robust Cooling Conveyor
Double Side Twist Candy Wrapping Machine
One Side Twist Candy Wrapping Machine
Blade Grinding Machine
Universal Cooker Without Vacuum
2-Way Water Circulating Cooling Plate
Pulling Machine
Batch Roller
Rope Sizer
Toffee Cut & Wrap Machine
Blade Grinding Machine

About Machine

This is a new spring type die, it consists of big and robust punches. The Die is manufactured using best quality material. EXTREME precision is maintained by the use of CNC machine.Thus it produces perfect and uniform shape of candies.

Warm candies are cooled in Cooling Conveyor before being fed to the Wrapping
Machine. Warm Candies from the Tablet forming Machine are cooled after passing through three belts of galvanized wire mesh. A blower is fitted over these belts which are of 4,8 & 12 inches in width.

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