Manufacturer, Exporter of Confectionery Machinery including
                             Candy Plant, Toffee Plant from India.
Universal Cooker With Vacuum
2-Way Water Circulating Cooling Plate
Batch Roller
Rope Sizer
Tablet Forming Machine (Plast-O-Plast)
Cooling Conveyor
Robust Cooling Conveyor
Double Side Twist Candy Wrapping Machine
One Side Twist Candy Wrapping Machine
Blade Grinding Machine
Universal Cooker Without Vacuum
2-Way Water Circulating Cooling Plate
Pulling Machine
Batch Roller
Rope Sizer
Toffee Cut & Wrap Machine
Blade Grinding Machine

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  • Cooling Drums represent the most advanced and labor-saving solution in the cooling process of all types of caramels and toffee.
  • A most efficient cooling drum with a stainless steel diameter that is machined for concentricity and polished to a fine finish to assure easy release at the scrape off.
  • Cooling drum is the top-of-the-range stainless steel option for cooling chocolate or compound after the enrobing process. It includes the multi zone cooling evaporators, accurate temperature controls and Stainless steel finish.
  • Directly from cooker, you can pour the mass into the hopper of cooling drum. As the drum rotates, mass guides along and is cooled over its surface. The scraper is provided for passing on the mass to conveyor.
  • A pump is provided for continuous lubrication which prevents the sticking of mass on drum.
  • The cooling of the inner shell diameter is accomplished by superior water spraying technique that thoroughly and continuously saturates the surface with cold water.
  • The spray concentrates the water on the internal rotating cooling surface which allows for an even temperature gradient over the drum diameter and maximum BTU removal from product.
  • A centrifugal blower is provided on top of it to give more cooling effect and also provides a cover which ensures the hygene of product.
  • Features of top and bottom cooling.
  • Accurate temperature controls.
  • Variety of optional enrobing belting available.
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